Ms. Dorothy Mwaluko

Permanent Secretary Policy, Coordination& Investment Prime Minister's Office/TNCM Chair

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Welcome to TNCM

The Tanzania Country Coordinating Mechanism for Global Fund was established in 2002 and in 2005 was restructured to the present Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism (TNCM) to coordinate other funding sources beyond the Global Fund. The Country Coordinating Mechanism formation followed the initial call for Round 1 proposals at the end of January 2002. First, an interim Country Coordinating Mechanism Secretariat was formed which was composed of TANZANIA COMMISSION FOR AIDS (TACAIDS) staff, program officers for the three diseases, and staff from WHO and UNAIDS. The initial membership consisted of  Nine (9) government line Ministries; Four (4) multilateral and bilateral development partners;  Six (6) civil society representatives – from NGOs, Faith Based O...
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TNCM Structure

The TNCM is composed of multi-sectoral stakeholders categorised into three broad catego...More

TNCM Activities

1. Coordination, design, development, review, and submission of funding requests that a...More


​​​​​​TNCM membership and structure is determined by the TNCM compliant to the fol... More